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Ready-to-drink and ready-to-serve cocktails have exploded onto the market, and we’ve seen established spirit brands watering down their well-respected distillates into simplistic, sessionable concoctions.

Enter SELTZi Brewed Cocktails™. Typical cocktail recipes can often be greater than the sum of their parts, so these hand-crafted batches only use the finest ingredients, complementing a clean, neutral, low-proof cocktail base. Whether in cans, in kegs, or ready-to-serve vessels these beer/wine friendly beverages put back the respect and attention that classic and innovative cocktails deserve.  

Gone are the days of boozy sugar bombs loaded with food-coloring laden syrups, Frozen SELTZi™ gives the slushie a long-overdue makeover. Using 100% real fruit purees, herbs, and spices, these vegan and gluten-free frozen cocktail-inspired treats are sure to please. Drinking establishments, rejoice, as these come ready-to-freeze, with minimal labor required for service. 

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